Master Mind and Money

Are you interested in discovering how money actually works?

You are? Great!

Because you’re officially invited to our most successful seminar, Master Mind and Money.

This 2-day event is crammed full of games-based education and no-nonsense conversation, as we teach you a system to master both your mindset and your money.

(Without all the jargon or smoke and mirrors.)

What This Seminar Tackles

Our objective is to teach you a new and improved system, so you not only establish more emotional stability around wealth, but also learn how to implement the financial principles to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

(No guessing involved.)

Over the 2 days of Master Mind and Money, you’ll discover a new way of thinking and doing, whilst walking away with a deeper and more extensive knowing, which includes:

the sh@*ty conditioning we’ve all undergone around money

the lack of education we’ve received on handling our finances

Regardless of your current position, you can learn the steps to establish financial security for life.

Because until you shift your thinking about money, you’re going to continue cycling, caught in the delusion that you’ll only ever be able to have XYZ in your bank account – or only be able to achieve XYZ with your personal and professional freedom.

There’s enough money in the world for us to each personally have $10 million dollars… so why don’t we?

Simple: because of the crappy conditioning which has prevented so many of us from feeling we have an actual shot at wealth.

Yet that can change. By learning this system, you’ll understand how to truly play the game.

Plus you’ll never have to compete for the same pool of cash, as there’s enough money out there for everyone (no chicken wing elbows needed!)

By the end of this seminar, you’ll have learned:


A new approach to mastering your money, using a robust and proven system that takes emotion out of the equation and progressively grows your wealth


How your personal money perceptions first formed – and how they may be influencing you to this day

Get out of debt

The newfound knowledge of the universal laws and principles that actually govern money and wealth (huge!)

Grow wealth

How to combine the mindset, the system and the belief so that money no longer acts as a knee-jerk source of stress

All attendees also receive a workbook packed with the very financial principles which you can follow, dot to dot, to easily and efficiently implement this system into your life.

And if it sounds simple, that’s because it really is…

Our Reviews

Who Benefits From Attending Master Mind and Money

Over the years we’ve found 3 types of people benefit from this seminar:

The ZERO Traction peeps: those living paycheck to paycheck, with barely any left over at the end of the month, who work doggedly for their money rather than having their money for work them

The HAD Traction peeps: those who were once on track to getting their bank account into fighting shape, but somehow lost it along the way and now need help picking the thread back up

The CURIOUS peeps: those who have a proven record of increasing their wealth, are perhaps already following a system, but are on the lookout to make even more mula

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

Well, whether you’re scrambling to make ends meet, or you’ve got a sh@*t tonne of money and want to discover how to generate even more – this seminar is the one for you.

2-Day Event:

Learn to Master your Mindset and Money

Why is the event only $97?

We are so excited to offer you the chance to attend our flagship personal development seminar during the event! Mitch wanted to reach more people more easily and, after many years of financial struggle and desperation, he created this special event to inspire as many people as possible to take back control of their own finances, mind, and life – just as he did.

We believe that this is a fair exchange, as the information and results you will receive just from attending this event will be extraordinary. We hope that you will join us and take this journey of living to your fullest potential and breaking free from perceptions that hold you back.

What to Expect


On this day we dive deep super quick and begin to break down the countless shitty scenarios we get ourselves into, share some pretty hilarious stories, and ultimately reveal how none of us are alone on this (I wanna piece of that $10 mill a person statistic) ship.

We have a heap of fun with Day 1, getting to know each other in a super chill, really relaxed and refreshing way. And although there are often tears, the majority are always of laughter.

(Just wait until you hear Mitch’s bad dad jokes.)


this is the day where the rubber really hits the road. We consolidate what we’ve learned on Day 1, by adding in some super cool games and exercises. Then by the time lunch rolls around, light bulb moments are popping all around the room and serious money mindset breakthroughs begin (even if you’re in a food coma after lunch.)

We’ve found the best way to teach the system is to layer the knowledge and stagger it in easy to follow stages.

You’ll organically join the dots yourself as each of the exercises dovetail nicely by the end of day two. Then you’ll receive the system and the tools to smash through your financial glass ceiling…

It’s pretty incredible.

Proof That The System Works

Upcoming Events

Perth Event

12th - 13th August 2023
Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm

MJB Seminars Head Office
Unit 8/199 Balcatta Road
Balcatta, WA 6021

Brisbane Event

19th - 20th August 2023
9:00am - 6:00pm

Hotel Grand Chancellor
23 Leichhart St, Spring Hill
Brisbane 4000

Melbourne Event

9th & 10th of September 2023
9:00am - 6:00pm

Canterbury International Hotel
326 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill
Victoria 3131

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Spoke Alongside...

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Who are we?

Mitch Behan

Founder and Director of MJB Seminars and MJB Adventures

A human development expert who, after hitting rock bottom and landing himself in prison, has dedicated the last three decades of his life to getting people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, helping them create the mindset for million dollar empires, and turning people’s anxious behavioral patterns into carefree and inspired lives.

Mitch owns and runs MJB Seminars, a company that delivers world class seminars, courses, coaching and support services to help people achieve their peak potential and transform their business, personal and spiritual wellbeing.

A game-changer in the personal growth sphere, Mitch has developed his own unique, and simple technique, using a deep understanding of neuroscience and neurobiology, to hack consciousness and get clients operating at their most elite level.

Mitch has worked alongside and continues to share his knowledge and insights with other personal development visionaries, including Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr John Demartini, Jack Canfield and Dave Logan. Surrounding himself continuously with leaders that understand human transformation is a science and that with the right tools, knowledge, and support, everyone is just a breakthrough away from reaching their goals!

On any given day you’ll find him coaching and working with high net-worth individuals, elite sports personalities, business owners, entrepreneurs, and any individual ready to welcome growth. He holds a ‘No B******’ approach, challenging his clients and keeping them accountable to the future they deserve. 

Mitch’s message is simple:  A breakthrough in your business or personal life has nothing to do with getting a new client, a new car, a pay rise or a new partner – it’s about how well you can master your mindset, reset old ways of thinking, and build unbreakable self-worth. 

Emilia Tomeo

Creative Content Director, Chief Operations Officer, Head facilitator, and Child Whisperer Extraordinaire.

With over ten years experience in education, Emilia’s background includes working with and inspiring children, dealing with lots of sticky fingers and perfecting her ‘I’m going to count to 5’ no-nonsense teacher voice.

When realising that she wanted to work not only with children, but the inner kids within us all, Emilia evolved to pursue her inspiration of education at MJB Seminars. It is now her mission to simplify the seemingly complicated (especially when it comes to money), to allow everyone to connect to their authentic self, and to discover the resources to follow our genuine passions. To put it simply, Emilia’s vision is to help each person discover their unhindered potential, in order for us all to live rich and fulfilling lives.

Emilia uses her own experiences as teaching opportunities, as transformative moments to learn and grow from, so she can enable others to grasp and own their truths. And it is Emilia’s belief that we should recognise the power within us, to realise that we are all exceptional individuals with extraordinary talents.


It allows Mitch to reach more people more easily. And he wanted to do this because having built sizeable wealth for himself, after many years of financial struggle and desperation, Mitch decided to create this very special event so he could inspire as many people as possible to take back control of their own finances, mind, and life – Just as he did.

If you like what you see and hear, and want to start taking this journey of living to your fullest potential, to break free from perceptions that hold you back, an opportunity to attend our flagship personal development seminar will be offered during the event.

Please note that there is absolutely no obligation for you to take up this offer, but it is available. We believe this is a fair exchange as the information and results you will receive just from attending this event will be extraordinary.

First of all, you need to bring your good self… just registering won’t give you the benefits you need, but attending will. Secondly, please make sure you bring a notepad and pen (we will also provide you with the seminar workbook on the day), along with your own lunch!

The bottom line is there is no one delivering the same level of information, to the same degree as we do. This isn’t a ‘run of the mill’ or rehashed wealth and personal development seminar which are so common these days. Instead, we will be revealing an incredibly powerful yet little-known strategy that will allow you to build long-term wealth and generate true financial freedom.

In fact, those who have done many other seminars have stated that they wish they found us sooner because it would have saved them and whole of time and money!

This is not marketing hype, we sincerely have produced the most profound and life changing personal transformation seminars in the world – based on the latest studies of the human brain, neurobiology, quantum physics and ancient wisdom.

Through a series of strategically crafted presentations, games and activities (don’t worry — nothing hard or embarrassing!) you’ll not only discover the wealth success secrets, you’ll internalize them too – so they’ll be with you forever.

In fact, you’ll leave this event with a whole new understanding of money and you — and you’ll have the ingredients you need to achieve all you’ve ever dreamed of, and more.

ABSOLUTELY! You can bring as many friends and family members as you like. But remember, tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are only limited spots available, so you need to act fast.