Eliminates Financial Stress

“For the First Time in Your Life You Will be in Complete Control of Your Finances, Your Wealth and Your Destiny”

My name is Mitchell Behan if you’ve got 10 minutes I’ll share 5 breakthrough 'Laws of Money' with you. Read on to discover ...

  • How to create more money without working overtime, changing jobs or getting a raise
  • 7 Wealth Principles you can use right now to create wealth and prosperity
  • A fast way to destroy the roadblocks which stand between you and wealth
  • Simple things the wealthy to do create and maintain their wealth. If it works for them it’ll work for you too
  • Why some people naturally attract money and why others don’t. You’re about to discover how to magnetically attract money to you
  • How to flip around the relationship you have with money so you control it instead of it controlling you
  • Why luck, wealthy parents or intelligence have NOTHING to do with how much you make
  • A proven way to create financial stability and growing wealth no matter what your age, income or current situation is

Big call? Maybe ...

First, please let me tell you about Bernie and her inspirational mother Mercedes.

Dear friend,

Early in 2014 P Bernie and her mother Mercedes came to one of my events.

Bernie and Mercedes came to Australia 35 years ago from the Philippines.

And while Bernie went to University to become an accountant, Mercedes was surviving on the pension which, as you can imagine meant making huge sacrifices just to get by.

Here’s where the story gets interesting...

Despite being an accountant Bernie wasn’t totally convinced with what I showed her. So she went back to her regular life where true wealth and prosperity eluded her.

However, Mercedes WAS excited by what she discovered. She saw the chance to create an extraordinary life where she set the rules, and she grabbed it with both hands.

Last year 71 year old Mercedes enjoyed 21 weeks of holidays on a government pension after following my simple rules

She applied everything I taught her, and within 12 months...

  • She had been on a 6 week European holiday, a 3 week Philippines holiday, a 4 week break to Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia and been back to the Philippines for another 8 weeks
  • She was spoiling her grandson rotten with toys and trips to the movies,
  • And she was free of money worries instead of struggling on her meagre government handout

So if a 71 year old single pensioner from the Philippines...

... with no significant savings to start with ...
... who never found a job of her own until 63 years of age ...
... and with no other source of income except her aged pension lives a life most Australians only dream of ...

What About You?


If you, like Mercedes could form a personal binding agreement with yourself that this time things will be different ...

... you could give yourself the “keys to the city” in two days to make it happen ...

...and make it simple to create incredible wealth no matter your current situation ...

Would you take a look?

Would you, if you knew you couldn’t fail,
follow the game plan?

Push Play To Discover Master Mind & Money


Have you ever wondered ...

Why Do Some People Find it Hard to Create Wealth
While Others do it so Easily?

For years I have studied the “flow of money” – the way it flows from those who value it least to those who value it most.

And I can tell you with absolute confidence “When you manage your money well – you will receive more money to manage”.

chicken-soup-for-the-soulHow do I know this?

I’ve read hundreds of books on the topic, studied with breakthrough thought leaders (and multi-millionaires) on the subject including Joe Dispenza, Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup For The Soul) and Dr John DeMartini. And I’ve applied what I’ve uncovered to become independently wealthy.

And, I’ve personally helped hundreds of people like you of all ages from different walks of life, including the already-wealthy, but also teachers, nurses, white and blue collar workers, students, pensioners and even job-seekers to help them dramatically elevate their financial position.

Why do so few of the people who attend wealth creation seminars ever become wealthy?

The answer is their minds have been influenced by negative and false beliefs about money. Mostly passed on from well-meaning people through childhood.

Let me ask, have you been influenced with beliefs like these?

  • “You should settle for what you’ve got”
  • “We’re not like those greedy rich people”.

And my all-time favourite...

  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know”

We’ve been subconsciously influenced against wealth and prosperity since birth by well-meaning parents, family friends and teachers. And our minds will secretly reject wealth opportunities when they come up.

It’s not your fault

People with the lack-mindset push their limiting beliefs onto us, and eventually our minds are convinced they’re true. We even start spreading them to others!

It is generally a reflex behaviour, so they probably don’t even notice, or they’re trying to protect you from being hurt.

Either way, the damage can be enormous. Bernie for example told me about her accounting clients who are struggling with mortgages in their 50s when they should be preparing to enjoy retirement instead.

I struggled with mental roadblocks myself. No matter how much I made I always lost it. It got so bad at one point, I was $353,000 in debt.

In the last few years I’ve gone from being $353, 000 in debt to …

  • Controlling over $20 million worth of high growth property
  • A rapidly growing share portfolio delivering me money every quarter, and
  • Being able to choose exactly how I spend my time and being able to help the charities I’m most passionate about.

I discovered how to tune my mind into the money and wealth that was already around me. And I used it to attract money and wealth into my life.

Tap Into The Energy That Surrounds You To Create Phenomenal Success, More Wealth And Stronger, Deeper Relationships

I’m going to reveal 5 important 'Laws of Money' which eliminate money-stress replace it with prosperity. And allow you the freedom to spend time growing closer to those around you. The reason we are doing this is because we know the more we give the more we get in return. So over the past 11 years we’ve been helping other people eliminate stress about money. And every time we do the universe delivers more lessons on our journey.

For example, Joe from Hobart had never been on a holiday in his life until he used my simple money management plan and went on two holidays in the next five months.

Mercedes, the 71 year old travelled 21 weeks last year on a government pension

And Simon a bank employee who never, ever got a pay rise suddenly scored 4 raises in the next 12 months.

Here are 5 Wealth Principles you can follow so ...

... you won’t be chasing money –

Money will be chasing you!


Wealth Principle #1 Wealth is Created in your Mind before your Bank Account

People act in a way which is consistent with how the see themselves. Money runs to people who see themselves as wealthy, and flees from those who see themselves as poor and struggling.

For example, in 1988 William Post from the USA won $16.2 million in the lottery ... and lost the lot within months.
Janite Lee won $18 million in 1993 and 7 years later filed for bankruptcy with only $700 in her bank account.

Yet ... Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey (founder of the chocolate company), Abraham Lincoln and even Henry Ford were bankrupt at one stage before going on to earn outrageous fortunes.


All these people started with either a wealth mindset or a poverty mindset.

Those with the poverty mindset lost the lot while those with the wealth mindset had money flooding in all the time.

It’s the same with you. The only thing stopping a river of wealth flowing your way is the relationship you have with money.

Wealth Principle #2 Smash the Attitude You Have Around Money

break-upDo you know why more couples break up over money than anything else?

Research has shown that 85% of our personality is in stone by the age of 8 including our attitude to money.

Couples usually argue over money because of unshakeable attitudes each developed as a child.

The good news is once you acknowledge this you can break free and develop a new paradigm which shifts your thinking from ‘lack’ to ‘abundance’.

Wealth Principle #3 Get Your Money Working For You Instead Of You Working For It

Do you just cover your mortgage, bills and groceries every month, with nothing left over?

I’ve got great news for you.

You can cover all your expenses
without stress, without worry
and without making any sacrifices.

This is how Mercedes travels the world on her measly government pension.

All you need is some discipline and a system.

And sure, discipline isn’t sexy.

However you want to be wealthy, right?

I thought so!

You see, I know you’re the kind of person who’s prepared to act to get out of debt and get on the path to wealth. And the only discipline is about 60 minutes to set it up in the first place. After that it all happens automatically.

Here’s how you do it:

You know exactly what your expenses are each month and set aside enough to cover them. The first thing which happens each payday is the right amount of money is allocated to each of your expenses.

You manage it so there’s money set aside to pay your bills, your mortgage or rent and all your groceries ...

... and ...

... leave enough to share with charities you care about, grow your savings and most important of all –reward yourself.

Best of all, this works best for low to medium income earners because they’re already disciplined with their money.


Wealth Principle #4 You Can Control Your Money or Your Money Will Control You

controlled-manPeople have more hang-ups about money than sex! They’re treat it with suspicion and aren’t brave enough to step up and take control.

It’s like a 14 year old boy at his first school formal – desperately wanting to approach the girls but chickening out and spending the night hanging around his mates instead!

This is small thinking.

Money has no personality. It won’t reject you. And once you understand the rules it follows you can take control and make it behave exactly as you want it to.

So don’t be fearful of money. And don’t allow mind viruses like “money doesn’t grow on trees” to dominate your thinking.

Use money as a tool to create more wealth and freedom instead of being a slave to it.

Wealth Principle #5 Clarity Leads to Power. The Clarity of your Calling Determines the size of Your Wealth

The universe responds to clear visions and goals. And the clearer your vision the faster the universe responds. 

If you’re vague then the Universe ignores you. However, when you’re crystal clear on your vision the Universe responds by sending everything you need.

Perhaps you have a vision for your family, to help others or to leave behind a lasting legacy. Once you have incredible clarity on your calling and you live and breathe it the Universe will respond with equal strength.


Are You Ready To Attract Wealth And Prosperity Into Your Life?

As I mentioned we’ve turned the science of wealth creation into a powerful yet easy to follow system you can learn.

Each time we teach someone to become wealthy we find more money, satisfaction and generosity flows back our way.

So I am running a powerful 2 day workshop in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne to share the Universal Laws of Money with as many people as I can.

Let me assure you.

This is not some airy-fairy love-fest. Everything you learn has been proven to work by millionaires across the planet who credit the power of their mind with their success.

I’m giving you specific skills to do this. Skills which will allow you to tap into the trillions of dollars which pass around the globe every day and direct more it your way.

The information you’ll discover will change your life. And I could easily charge $1,997 for this information.

In fact, if this sounds like hype, then listen to what past participants had to say for themselves.

“Fantastic” ... “Inspiring” ... “Highly Recommended”

What attendees had to say:

"The program will change your life"

"Mitch’s seminars are the beginning of the road to building your own wealth with the skills you already have but do not know how to use them. My advice, listen to the teacher, believe in yourself, then do the work for the rewards will come as they have for me through simply following the principles that are very plainly laid out in this fantastic program. The program will change your life in ways you would not have thought possible as it has done for me and my family. Spend the time and reap the rewards by investing in yourself."

Nick Phillips

"You changed my life forever"

"Thank you for doing what you do and for such an inspiring weekend. I just wanted you to know that you changed my life forever and I will be eternally grateful. Firstly I wanted to say that I hadn’t thanked you for the Master Mind & Money seminar that Damien and I attended in October 2009. We went home drew up a plan and from there we have watched our money grow to that we are looking at buying a house at the end of this year, whether it be an investment or our own. The weekend we attended the seminar we had no savings at all and we have worked really hard to get to where we are today. Having been with you I know I will be the best wife, mother, friend and most important, the best person I can be. Love and Light (I really like this!)"

Pam Kiely

givingSo let me ask you, what would it be worth for you to have more money than you do right now, without needing a new job, win Tatts or a pay-rise?

Wouldn’t it be worth investing $1,997 if I could show you how to change the relationship you have with money, so more of it is magnetically attracted into your life?

Wouldn’t it be worth it to finally destroy the roadblocks which are the only things between you and unlimited wealth and abundance?

Well I’ve got even better news for you.

I’m not going to charge $1,997.

My vision is to create freedom and wealth for as many people as I can. And one of the Universal Laws of Money is that you must give to other people in order to receive more back.

And every time I do this I receive more abundance and love into my life.

So for this reason I’m going to keep your investment ridiculously low.

This workshop is only $27 … if you’re quick!

Making this investment is small, but it’s also important.

Your small commitment switches your mind from scarcity mode to abundance mode. Creating prosperity means embracing the fact that there’s more than enough money in the world, and you just need to bring it into your life.

And that your small investment will be paid back many, many thousands of times over.

Making this small commitment is the first small step of a massive change.

And to give you a bit more incentive to book now, $27 is the Action-Taker’s price. In my experience being decisive is a key habit of wealthy people. So when you’re decisive and book now instead of procrastinate this price is locked in for you.

The price will increase to $67 in the final week, with last minute bookings at $195.

It’s still a great investment even at the higher prices, but why pay more than you have to?


If You’re Not Already Wealthy, This Is Why...

Most people have blockages which prevent them from becoming wealthy. No matter how much they want it or how hard they try, something always stands in their way.

Many people start on the road to wealth, however they stop before the make it.

Many Australians buy an investment property but cash out a few years later instead of buying more

Many Australians start a share portfolio, but raid it as soon as it starts building up until it runs dry

Many Australians go to wealth creation seminars but never implement even one thing they learn.

Why? Because they have these roadblocks dragging them back to mediocrity.

In 2 electrifying days you will dream big and achieve more wealth and happiness in your life than you ever imagined possible.

And it starts the moment you arrive on day one.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover…

  • The 3 principles to creating wealth and happiness – and why you must do all three – especially the third if you want to create ongoing prosperity
  • Create phenomenal breakthroughs in business, your relationships and life
  • Why becoming wealthy has nothing to do with your parents, how smart you are or even dumb luck. Knowing what it is means “breaking society’s rules” and hitching a ride straight to the top
  • The savings, spending and lifestyle habits of the rich. You’ll discover what they are and use them yourself
  • How to break free of the mindset you developed as a child so you can start a legacy of wealth to last generations
  • What your #1 job is as a parent – and why it’s NOT to protect your kids and keep them safe
  • Tired? It has nothing to do with how hard you work, but the signals your brain sends your body. I’ll show you one simple change which will fill you with energy and vitality
  • Why most people miss their chance to be wealthy. HINT: It has nothing to do with your parents.
  • How to change your innermost dominant thought and program yourself to be wealthy

Plus why we repeat the same destructive habits over and over. It’s simple chemistry and biology and it’s easy to change it once you know why it happens.

I’ll also show you the one rule which determines how wealthy you’ll be. Most people go through life not knowing this, and falling short. Some people know it but never act on it. Only a small number embrace this and it leads them to wealth beyond the imagination of most people. You can be one of them.

And I’ll reveal a fascinating, totally counterintuitive discovery in achieving your wildest dreams which tells you NOT to chase your dream, and why you’ll achieve breakthrough personal and financial growth when you stop this relentless pursuit


This isn’t all you’ll discover.
This is all before lunch on the first day!

Here’s more of what you’ll discover at the workshop ...

  • Send out your intentions to those around you and consistently receive what you ask for
  • How to recognise the vast amount of information and opportunities which are right under your nose
  • How to attract not just money, but anything you think would be fun, inspiring or extraordinary
  • A foolproof plan to achieving anything you desire – no matter how large or ambitious it seems right now
  • Why The Secret was misinformed, and why people who follow it almost always stay broke
  • Why you should not give your child everything they ask for, no matter how good it makes you feel at the time
  • When to be generous and when to be selfish – you must be both at different times to help yourself and to help others
  • The common “clumsy” mistakes 98% of people make about money ... and ... what the top 2% do instead
  • “Wealth rules” which make it easier to make money from scratch than for those who win the lottery to keep it
  • What your life’s real calling is and how to create a crystal clear vision to power you towards your goals as if you’re on auto-pilot
  • How to prepare yourself for wealth first - the universe won’t inflict anything on you that you can't handle
  • Gordon Gecko says “Greed is good”, however you’ll discover why greed won’t make you rich
  • The science which proves beyond any doubt – that there ARE universal laws you can exploit to create astonishing wealth
  • Where the first dollars from your next pay-cheque must go ... if you want to create unimaginable wealth
  • Exactly how you should use your money every pay-cycle to build wealth.
  • Are you retired? Discover how became a property developer and now takes a holiday every 8 weeks ... on a pension
  • Are you stuck on the same wage? Discover how Simon got 4 pay-rises in a year from a bank who almost never hand out raises
  • Are you a renter? Find out how Pam and Damien put together a plan to buy their first house
  • Are you in debt? Discover how to put the in-built goal-seeking mechanism all humans have into action to get out of debt and into prosperity
  • Are you a stay-at-home Mum or Dad? You’ll apply what you learn and create a new life of prosperity and abundance instead of saving and sacrifice
  • Everyone is controlled by their emotions, and they’ll distort you if you let them. You either master your emotions, or your emotions master you
  • Financial Planners: Don’t let them destroy your wealth –this one simple rule to choosing the right one could save your fortune
  • The number one money-rule which absolutely ... must be observed ... for you to bring more money into your life
  • If you want to make a million dollars (or more) then quit hating the Australian Tax Office
  • The 7 irrational fears we all have about being wealthy ... and why you must smash through them in order to create the lifestyle you deserve
  • Eliminate the control money has over you. When you’ve mastered this principle you’ll never be emotional around money again, and this will be the springboard to creating unimaginable wealth
  • The 8 unbreakable laws of wealth to follow and become wealthy for yourself
  • The 3 most successful ways to build wealth from property – even if you’re flat broke
  • How to produce sizeable and consistent returns from the stock market every single month, no matter if it goes up, down or sideways
  • 7 toxic habits 99% of people have which destroy their finances . Could they be destroying yours?
  • And how to get more done in a day than most people achieve in a week!

You’ll also discover ...

The 'Triangle Plan' for creating astonishing wealth. The triangle has always been associated with money. From the ancient pyramids to the Freemasons and it’s appearance on the US one dollar note - the triangle has always been associated with prosperity.

Could the reason be that there are 3 tasks you must do to with your money to grow fabulously wealthy?

Discover how this simple Triangle Plan' works - and how you can use it to steadily and exponentially increase your wealth.

Why Get Rich Quick never works. Most get-rich-quick schemes have one fatal flaw. Growing wealthy isn’t something which happens suddenly. Money doesn’t just appear in your bank account as if by magic.

It begins by preparing fertile ground – a mind which is open and ready for wealth.

Instead of giving you a get rich quick scheme, I’m preparing your mind to be in tune with the flow of money around you. And to give you a complete money-plan to attract more of it into your life.

It’s a proven and reliable process you follow every week to bring you prosperity. You’ll watch your wealth grow and grow until it becomes an unstoppable force delivering you wealth beyond your imagination

Why some 'lucky' people magnetise money to them but others don't. As a specialist in human behaviour I have studied thousands of wealthy people. And I’ve discovered the #1 factor behind your wealth creation is what you 'value'. That's because your inner-compass sets your course in life.


This is a Theory-free Zone.
You’ll Create Your Financial Roadmap
While You’re Here...

As soon as you arrive you’ll be handed a very important book. This book is only 60 pages long yet the moment you get it ...

... I insist you to write your name on it and never let it out of your sight.

This book is my personal financial blueprint, and is the result of years of education with the world’s leading wealth creation scientists such as Joe Dispenza , Dr John Demartini and Jack Canfield (author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series).

During the workshop you will fill in this priceless workbook and create the blueprint for your future prosperity while you’re here.

I imagine you’ll carry this book around with you for years, tatty, dog-eared and filled with notes as your trusted companion as you build astonishing wealth.

You’ll also find out about two cashflow vehicles that are proven to deliver capital growth and income, and flood you with rivers of cash

Wealth Creation Expert #1 – Andrew Baxter – Australia’s Leading Sharemarket Strategist

Andrew Baxter is renowned for helping people create a second income from the sharemarket without making risky, big money trades.

He has spoken alongside world leading wealth creation experts including Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and Tony Blair.

And he has helped thousands of people across the globe to generate a consistent income in as little as 60 minutes a month.

With over a decade of high profile public speaking under his belt, Andrew is well known for his ability to clearly articulate the complexities of financial markets in plain and simple language.

Andrew has spoken alongside some of the world’s leading names, including Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and Tony Blair, and during Master Mind and Money he will be revealing the little-known, step-by-step trading strategy that allowed him to create cash-on-demand and become financially free via the stock market.

The discovery of this simple low-risk strategy – which produces consistent and repeatable returns – allows him to live a life of freedom and luxury, travelling the world with his family every year.

"When the process is right, the results always follow – and trading is simply a process – Mastering that process and your own psychology will make you financially free"
Andrew Baxter

Here’s some of what you’ll discover from Andrew ...

  • The ONLY STRATEGY you need to know to generate a healthy monthly income from the stock market. (Andrew uses this strategy on a daily basis to milk the stock market and live the lifestyle of his dreams in the process!)
  • How Andrew generates a MONTHLY INCOME, whether the markets are shooting up, sliding down or shuffling sideways! (With this strategy, you will be stacking the odds in your favour and giving yourself a chance to profit, regardless of which way the market moves)
  • How to build and implement a PERSONAL TRADING & INVESTMENT PLAN that will be valid for the rest of your life (all thanks to Andrew’s personal and proprietary formulas)
  • Why sitting in front of your computer “day trading” for hours on end is the WRONG way to go. (You will be shown how Andrew is able to generate an income with no more than 60 minutes at his desk each month!)
  • How Andrew is able to generate an UP-FRONT INCOME investing in the stock market which appears in his account the next trading day! (This technique could allow you to generate a potential income of between 2% – 4% a month, irrespective of stock market direction).
  • And much, much more!

Andrew will give you a strategy which produces low risk, monthly returns from the market no matter whether the market goes up, down or sideways.

The straight-forward strategy Andrew is revealing only takes a few hours a month, and because you only need a laptop with internet access you can create an income from anywhere in the world.


Wealth Creation Expert #2 – Ray Behan – Australia’s Property Strategist & Educator

For the last decade, Ray Behan has been teaching people just like you how to build wealth, fund their retirement and join the 5% of Australians who have been able to create true financial freedom.

As one of Australia’s foremost wealth and property educators, Ray has always had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and information, and crucially for you, for sharing that knowledge with the world.

Having trained with some of the greatest educators in the world, such as Dr Joe Dispensa, Dr John Demartini, Dr Jack Canfield and Benjamin J Harvey, Ray’s pursuit of information – not only on wealth creation and property, but the sustainability of that wealth – has seen him educate and inspire thousands of people throughout Australia and the World, transforming their lives and their financial futures forever.

Thanks to Ray’s unique and truly revolutionary strategies, you can now build a property portfolio that will set you up for the rest of your life, regardless of your financial situation or beliefs.

In Ray’s own words; “don’t believe what the ‘system’ or the banks tell you. You CAN build a retirement fund through property, using your Superannuation. You just need to know how!”

Ray will reveal how to control property ...

  • Using your Super as leverage
  • By accessing a loan even though all the banks have turned you away
  • And how to protect your capital to ensure virtually no risk

Here’s a sample of how Ray’s strategies that will help you create long-term wealth.

  • The case against property – why traditional property investors are lining up to be slaughtered, and how to set yourself up so you profit handsomely with virtually no risk
  • How to get around the banks and become a millionaire property investor, even if you’ve been rejected by the banks
  • Why you shouldn’t accept a pay-cut when you retire, and how to retire on a reliable monthly income stream which is up to 10 times what you’re earning today, and

You’ll rub shoulders with
other people whose lives have been impacted
by being at this workshop before

One of the reasons I love running this workshop is to re-connect with people I’ve taught in the past. Many people come back for a tune-up, to get new ideas or simply to refresh their learning.

Robyn Viticca from Melbourne, for example has already
been 3 times and learns something new each time.

Which means you’ll probably be talking to people on breaks who have already become wealthy as a direct result or applying these principles.

I encourage you to spend time with them and ask how the Universal Laws of Money have impacted their lives. They’ll be very willing to share their experiences with you because they also know how important it is to share and give back.

I personally know some people who are coming to this workshop for the 4th time. So for this reason I encourage you to reserve your spot immediately. Typically half the seats are snapped up within hours by past attendees.

I urge you to bring your Partner and your Children

This workshop is so important you need to share it with your partner and your kids.

I urge your partner to be here with you because this journey is so much easier when you’re both aligned and been through the same education. You’ll make so many breakthroughs and discoveries that explaining them to someone else could be difficult.

And I encourage you to bring your children too. Sadly none of this is being taught in mainstream schools, and your children are being turned into cannon-fodder for the workforce.

Your children deserve better.

This is your chance to start a legacy that will last generations. If you want your children to have the best start in life and not live a life of lack and struggle then reserve a ticket for them as my gift.

Still sceptical? I’ll make you a deal...

By now I’m sure coming here is the obvious decision.
However, in case you’re still thinking ‘maybe’ then I want to put my money where my mouth is.

guaranteed-logoI want you to come along and if, by lunchtime on the Saturday you think ‘no, this isn’t for me’ please let me or one of my team know and ...

... I will gladly refund your investment and pay you $50 for parking or transport.

This way you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m the one who stands to lose the shirt off his back if I’m wrong.

But I’m not worried because I know this workshop will create an unstoppable force bringing money and abundance into your life.


The way I see it you have 3 choices.

orange-check First, you can keep doing what you’re doing now. And that’s fine if you’re happy for things to keep going the way they are. However you and I know this isn’t what you want because you wouldn’t be reading this right now if you were happy with your current situation.

orange-check Second you can try figure all this out on your own. Problem is, you’ll have to wade through a mountain of garbage ... most of it downright wrong or misleading before uncovering the bits you need.

And you’ll have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your education like I did.

I’m sure you want to go straight for the jugular , which means you can’t afford to waste time or money doing it alone.

orange-check And third you can join me and many other millionaires-in-waiting for 2 ground breaking days to bring money flowing safely into your life.

I hope you join me.
Yours, in wealth

Mitch Behan

Remember, in the unlikely event you think it’s not for you by lunchtime on the first day I’ll give you $50 to cover your parking and transport. That’s more than fair, right?

This event is extremely popular, and the many past students who return means it may be hard to get a seat. So for this reason I encourage you to reserve your seat as soon as possible.

Where will you be 30 days from now if you decide NOT to attend? Probably stressing about money when you wake up, when you fall asleep and every moment in between.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Seats are limited but if you book yours now you can be on the fast-track to wealth by taking advantage of the Universal Laws of Money. And please, bring your partner and children over the age of 14. This will be a defining moment in your life and theirs.




27th to 28th of May
9AM to 5PM each day (Registration 8:30 AM)

Rydges Capital Hill
Cnr Canberra Ave & National Circuit
Forrest ACT 2603


20th to 21st of August
9AM to 5PM each day (Registration 8:30 AM)

To Be Announced


27th to 28th of August
9AM to 5PM each day (Registration 8:30 AM)

To Be Announced

 Your Email privacy is assured

 (08) 9240 7553


Q1. Why is the event only $27 - $67?

It allows Mitch to reach more people more easily. And he wanted to do this because having built sizeable wealth for himself, after many years of financial struggle and desperation, Mitch decided to create this very special event so he could inspire as many people as possible to take back control of their own finances, mind, and life – Just as he did.

If you like what you see and hear, and want to start taking this journey of living to your fullest potential, to break free from perceptions that hold you back, an opportunity to attend our flagship personal development seminar will be offered during the event.

Please note that there is absolutely no obligation for you to take up this offer, but it is available. We believe this is a fair exchange as the information and results you will receive just from attending this event will be extraordinary.

Q2. What do I need to bring?

First of all, you need to bring your good self… just registering won’t give you the benefits you need, but attending will. Secondly, please make sure you bring a laptop, notepad and pen (we will also provide you with the seminar workbook on the day), along with your own lunch!

Q3. I’ve been to other seminars in the past, why is yours so different?

The bottom line is there is no one delivering the same level of information, to the same degree as we do. This isn’t a ‘run of the mill’ or rehashed wealth and personal development seminar which are so common these days. Instead, we will be revealing an incredibly powerful yet little-known strategy that will allow you to build long-term wealth and generate true financial freedom.

In fact, those who have done many other seminars have stated that they wish they found us sooner because it would have saved them and whole of time and money!

This is not marketing hype, we sincerely have produced the most profound and life changing personal transformation seminars in the world - based on the latest studies of the human brain, neurobiology, quantum physics and ancient wisdom.

Q4. What happens at the event?

Through a series of strategically crafted presentations, games and activities (don’t worry — nothing hard or embarrassing!) you’ll not only discover the wealth success secrets, you’ll internalize them too – so they’ll be with you forever.

In fact, you’ll leave this event with a whole new understanding of money and you — and you’ll have the ingredients you need to achieve all you’ve ever dreamed of, and more.

Q5. Can I bring a friend?

ABSOLUTELY! You can bring as many friends and family members as you like. But remember, tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are only limited spots available, so you need to act fast.

* strictly no refunds